Monday, April 26, 2010

9 Cells, 1 Show, 10 Questions.

Nine Cells Floating - by Tricia Rose Burt
I was pleasantly caught up in Tricia Rose Burt's story the first time I heard it.  I had received the DVD in the mail and finally had a chance to watch it late one night while on a trip visiting family.  The next day I told my wife she needed to see it too. 

After hearing Tricia's story, I found myself asking important, searching questions about my own life, creative career and general life plans.  However, I was asking these questions in a light, freeing way. Nothing oppressive or discouraging here.  A sign of good art in my opinion.

After returning to NYC, Tricia and I were introduced through a mutual friend and have since had an ongoing dialogue about creativity, art and many of the life-factors that impact creativity.
So with Tricia performing her one woman show in NYC this week, I thought was a perfect time to pepper her with some questions and share with you a little about the artist behind the art.

Tricia Rose Burt in "I Will Be Good"

Creative Conversations 
Tricia Rose Burt:

(Visual/Performance Artist)

1. How would you describe your creative work?
My work deals with transformation. I create works using ordinary materials in unexpected ways – masking tape, tea bags, ceramic figurines. In my one-woman performance, “I Will Be Good,” I chronicle how I unexpectedly transformed myself by going to art school. My world became entirely different.