Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Poster Bed

This song literally came pouring into my head one night and kept me up until I had written the whole thing.   Again, recorded on the fly in my living room.  I have my dad to thank for the inspiration.  He helped me build my three poster bed.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Click here to download the song
© Erik Orton, 2010.  All rights reserved.

Don't miss the thought provoking question-of-the-day at the end of the lyrics.

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Here are the lyrics:

One day a dream popped into my head
How life would be with a three poster bred
So I hummed and hawed.  Ooed and awed.
And out popped a plan that was a bit odd.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Between

Here's a little song I started writing at work and finished writing at home.  I like how it turned out.  I hope you do too.

In Between  <--click here to get the song

I had to record it fast, because I only had about 20 minutes of peace and quiet while Emily had the kids outside at the park.  Nothing's quite as fun as making music on the run! 

Here are the lyrics:

Got into work
Tossed down my bag
Got a drink 
And I stowed my things
I looked outside 
At the rain
I settled in
Then I looked down

There on the floor
You're little plane
A little scratched
And a little worn
But it had wings
And there's a sky
And made me think
There's so much more

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Currency of Creativity

So I came across this video while doing research for a project I'm working.  Love it!

Creative Heads  <---- Click me, click me!

(scroll down a bit to see "Creative Heads", unless you want to watch the intro video at the top)

Okay, so it's a bit of an add for a competition, but I'm okay with that.  It makes me forget my fears and makes me want to go to work and create something awesome.  My favorite bits: "failure is the currency of creativity" and "good is the enemy of great".  I think it takes a lot of failure to get to good, and then even more to push on through to great.  That's what I think.  Would love to hear what you think.

Which leads me to something I've been moodling about:  you.  Yes, you.  I want to hear from you.  Why? Because you're interesting, talented, fascinating and amazing.  I may be contacting you, but you can contact me too.  (Stop looking over your shoulder.  Yes, I'm talking to you.)  What do you have to say, show, tell, think, share?  We want to learn from you.  Why?  Because we're interested in you...    I'll look forward to the conversation.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long May You Run

I was struck by Neil Young’s performance at the Olympic closing ceremony last night.  This mega-international-worldwide event, a massive stadium full of people, four criss-crossed obelisks with flames coming out of them as the Olympic torch, and this one guy--an old guy--with a beat up guitar and a harmonica, a creaky voice a song that truly said something, “Long My You Run”.  I’m sure he didn’t have the Olympics in mind when he wrote it, but it is great because it has endured.  It has taken on various meanings throughout the course of its life, and at the Closing Ceremonies, it cut through all the hype, clatter and clutter and went straight to the heart: the bobsledder who passed away, the athletes who won, the athletes who did not win, the history of the games, the future games in Sochi, the encouraging words to keep going in whatever it is that we are pursuing.  To keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Here are the lyrics