Thursday, September 23, 2010


Nantucket: Flying into the headwinds.
I had the good fortune this past week to direct a theatre project out on Nantucket Island, off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Between the rehearsal and the performance I went for a run on the beach. Hurricane Igor was wreaking havoc over Bermuda and Nantucket was feeling the spin-off effects of the high winds. As I ran down the beach I couldn’t help but notice the seagulls who were making the most of—if not thoroughly enjoying—the high winds. As someone who loves the wind, whether it be sailing, kite flying or just driving with the windows down, I could relate. But here’s the cool thing: the seagulls would take 2-3 casual steps into the window and the next thing you knew, they were lifted skyward.

I couldn’t help but think about the connections between headwinds on the beaches and in life. So often I try to fly perpendicular to the wind and end up getting blown off course or crashing. Sometimes I just hunker down in the sand and try to wait it out. But I believe that if we face the wind and angle our wings just right, we can soar. But we need to take the two or three steps in the right direction that will help us launch.

I took this picture on the north shore of Nantucket. The interesting thing is that all the seagulls were holding still in the air. They peacefully rode out the hurricane spin-off and used the strong winds to gain altitude.

What are the headwinds of you might be facing?
What angle are you flying at?
What are the two to three steps that you can take into the wind?


  1. Well, sometimes we have to flap like crazy just to hold our position but it can be exciting.

  2. It's been a while since I've cruised your blog. I'm so glad I did!

    I love this insight. I think I needed it today.

    Sometimes I forget that in life, I just need to adjust the sails a little. You're awesome. Hope the fam is doing well!