Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beggars Can Be Choosers

An older man approached me as I walked out onto the street in midtown. He was asking if someone could buy him some food. I had $2 in cash, so I asked him if he wanted to walk with me to a the street vendor on the corner and we would see what we could get for $2. The answer: a hot dog. I paid the vendor and asked for a hot dog.

Him: "Wait a second. I wanted chicken and rice."
Me: "I only have $2."
Him: "But I wanted to get some chicken."
Me: "I only have $2."
He lit up his cigarette and huffed and puffed.
Me: "Sorrry."
We parted ways.
I guess beggars can be choosers.

Have you ever gotten what you wanted and then decided you wanted something else?  Or realized you weren't specific enough?  I do this all the time!


  1. One time a man came up to me while I was walking on 125th street and Columbia and asked, "Hey man, can you give me some change?"
    "I don't have any cash."
    "You got a credit card?"
    "How about a soda."
    He pointed to a Domino's pizza shop to our right.
    We stood in line silently.
    I bought him an Orange Fanta.
    As we walked out the doors he said, "Thanks man," over his shoulder and headed off down the street.
    Some people just need to know they're alive.
    I suppose Orange soda is a good way to tell them.

  2. Thanks, Tamara : )

    Bryan, that's so great, for both you and the Orange Soda Guy! I'm sure it made you feel a little bit more alive too.

    Thought: credit card swipers for people looking for a handout?